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No employee and half the salary, yet still chose bellFace CO.,LTD for reasons

Hello! My name is Yuzo Nishijima. I am in charge of human resource department in bellFace
Today, I have interviewed our chief director of sales department, Naoki Nishiyama, in bellFace
CO.,LTD. He is one of founder of bellFace CO.,LTD. He has worked for company that does sales
consulting and outsourcing for 8 years. After his retirement, he joined bellFace CO.,LTD. and, now,
he is chief director of bellFace CO.,LTD.
At the time Nishiyama joined bellFace CO.,LTD., the company does not decide what the service is
and also the company was not existed officially. In this interview, we would like to talk through the
reason why Nishiyama left his former job and changing job to a start up company. Also as a
director of bellFace CO.,LTD sales department and as a salesman, we would like to talk through
the future of bellFace CO.,LTD in Nishiyama perspective.

Worked 8 years and the manager of 60 salesmen in former job, yet the reasons to chose bellFace
CO.,LTD. regardless of half of the pay and no subordinate.
—— Please tell us your job?
After we started bellFace CO.,LTD, I have focused in proceeds for a year and half and to make
those customers success who implement our product. I am working as more like manager
nowadays instead of salesman, but I am managing more than 800 companies including Japanese
leading company such as Rakuten, Inc.
I have joined bellFace CO.,LTD. as a director in sales department, but, at the very early time of
company has created, I have focused in not to run out of money and getting ordered from other
company. I have made presentations for each company at that time and made close after support
for every company without any return. As I doing like that, more companies have ordered our
product and member of bellFace CO.,LTD. has increased gradually so that I have moved to
management side instead of actual sales.
——— You have worked for 8 years for former job right? Can you tell us the reasons you joined
bellFace CO.,LTD.?
After I graduate university, I wanted to be independent just like many other people who does not
want to work in big companies like a slave, but to get experiences and improve my career in
venture company. As I am working, I have realized that I am more like task person in frontline
instead of idea person who can create new things. So I thought it would be fun if I can work with
entrepreneur with ideas and it this point, I was able to understand my personality and my skills.
It is this time when I met our CEO, Kazuaki Nakajima. When I was still working for former job,
Nakajima came for help for the company he was running at that time. Nakajima is 2 years younger
than me, but he already had experiences for running company for 7 to 8 years, full of mind of
creating new things as entrepreneur, and at this time I thought it would be fun if I can work with
When Nakajima asked me to join his new company, I remember he gave me a week to think about
joining his company but I remember I have decided to join right away.
This is off the topic but nothing is decided at that time such as the pay. (LOL)
As result, my payment from company reduces to half compare to former company. I knew this
could happen, but when it really happened, it upsets me a little bit. But as I working steadily, I have
payed more than former job in less than a year and the value of our company increased to more
than 20 times. Of course there are still many barrier on the way, but it is worth to take the risk and I
think that is the fun part of challenging in venture company.

I would not joined if bellFace CO.,LTD is a noodle shop. I see the possibility in the market of inside
——— You have worked for 8 years for former job and changing job this easily is a big deal.

YES. I also think it is a big deal because I already have two kids at this time so that I do not really
have the freedom to change job just because I want to work with a certain person. I will not joined
bellFace CO.,LTD if it is some noodle company.(LOL)
I thought this can be a thing because I thought there are chances of success in this market and my
experiences can be used.
In my former job, I was doing corporate sales and because of this I knew that inside sales,
salesmen are no longer needs to waste time on traffic, would be a thing in the future and also I can
clearly imagine I could use my experiences from former job inside sales too. In this sense, I am
very grateful to my former company and my colleague that send me to a new challenge.

Sales can be changed through “Sales’ big data” that people really puts effort in
Changing the way of sales works though technology, that old style face-to-face sales is common, is
extremely worth of challenging. And not only to become the company that sells products, yet, as a
technology company, bring “Big data” to society will be the next stage of bellFace CO.,LTD. It is
certain that people are less involved in the area of corporate sales due to it can be automatized.
In the other hands, technology is not perfect to solve the problem that customers has, for example,
the fastest way to leading customers to its success is still the customer success team with analog
New technologies can be imported in the area of sales, but sale itself can never be automatized.
Because human communication, such as emotion, gesture and tone of voice, plays big role in
business and these aspect can never be digitized. So collecting “Sales big data” that contain
human communications statistically is a key to make this market evolve. In other words, it is
extremely important to understand both “Sales” and “Technology” at the same time to change the
way of working in sales market and I believe that bellFace CO.,LTD. is one of the rarest company
in Japan that have potential to do so.
——— What is your ideal person to work with?
In one word, I want to work with a person who has sense of ownership. Regardless of new
graduates or mid-career recruitment, feel the success from surrounding as own success is
important and those person who can create idea and work by him/herself is key elements and that
is what I require to recruit new comer because only those people with that sense can truly change
the organization.
As a performer, people with some kind of awareness of problem at current condition are might has
the mind to creating own companies. Yet, person with the mind like that but can not make it to
action might not suited to as entrepreneur at this point. If that so, gaining experiences such as
knowledge to run company in early stage company like bellFace CO.,LTD can change you. Facing
sales, the foundation of all businesses, to change by technology is life changing experience. We
are recruiting many people with different position and waiting your application.

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