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The 3 reasons why I quit cram school that worked for 10 years and entered the startup company that I have never experienced

It really gets comfortable for staying at one place, and realize that it is extremely hard to change
the habit for 10 years.
Hello. I am Yuzo Nishijima, the manager of the human resource department in bellFace CO.,LTD.
This time, I will interview our new employee, Shinya Wada. He quit his former company that
worked for 10 years and joined us. Every person has their comfortable zone and it is said that
getting out of the comfortable zone is essential to improve yourself. Today, I will focus to Shinya
Wada who has a strong challenging mind.
——— Can you tell us what are you doing now?
I am working in customer success department right now. I am introducing bellFace which is a tool
specific for inside sales, and also doing sales consulting for the bellFace users.
——— Can you tell us about your former job?
I was working for scram school that specify for individual teach. Although, I am not working for 10
years as a teacher, but as a salesman.
I was working as a BtoC salesman and working for making profit out of each cram school all the
time. I was constantly thinking about how can I get parents/parents to enter our cram school, and
looking for a way to satisfy the customer.
Although, I am not a teacher, but I was able to have contact with variety of people from different
range of age including children, their parents, and other stuff etc. Because of I was working at cram
school that focusing individuals so that I was able to make deep relationship with other people.
This is the time when I realize there are a lot more different sense of values that I do not know and
really makes me to think about how should I facing them.
The 3 reasons why I joined bellFace CO.,LTD
———Why did you decided to join bellFace CO.,LTD. since you have already working at former
job for 10 years?
Challenger’s sprit has bourgeoned from the environment where I can hardly do what I want.
My former job, a small cram school was a small company at first and the company grows rapidly
after all. When I entered the company, because it was still a small company so that I was able to
put my plan into practice. But as the company become lager, the environment where can do things
I want has been traded off by the size of the company and it is not the environment I am
comfortable with anymore.
One of the reasons I decided to change my job is that I am getting used to the job I was doing that
I wanted to challenge something new to improve myself. In order to improve myself, I think it is
important to challenge something completely new such as different industry type and different
occupation. It is obvious that it would be better to change job as soon as possible considering age
issue so I quite my former job.

  1. The concept which everyone can understand and the possibility of the business.
    Second reason is bellFace CO.,LTD.’s vision: Change the way of sales in Japan
    I find it would be fun that if I was able to change the preexisting things, in this case is sales and the
    product “bellFace” was very convincing for me. Both of the concept and the product really makes
    sense for me as well since I was a salesman, so I decided to change the way of sales in Japan.
  2. The company get really close to know my way of thinking and strength

The last reason is the company really tried to know me as a person. When I was in job interview
with the manager of human resource, not focusing at skill or superficial theory but to look in to my
personality. This attitude never changes regardless if it is the interview with employee from human
resource department or executive of the company or even CEO that makes me want to work at this
——— What do you think actually working at bellFace CO.,TLD.?
I was able to recognize my own strong point and my weakness once again.
It will gets harder to define one’s sense of value and the position in the same organization for long
time. I have made many close relationship one by one in my former job, resulting high skill at
coaching is my strength. And this kind of did not change for me. I am introducing “bellFace” and
coaching to other company. It is only the change of BtoC work to BtoB work that I think I can use
full potential of my skill.
Also, my other strength point is I have experienced the process of a small company gradually
grows into larger company. In the other hand, I am working on the knowhow of chasing
number(making profit) in specific ways.
——— Please tell us things you want to do?
In my former job, the culture of the company gradually changes as the company get larger. It was
used to control myself by my own and respecting each other to more like large company culture
which superior controls subordinate and subordinate starts to watch out for boss.
Both of new graduates and mid-career employee needs to have specific education for quite a long
time for my former job and because of this, efficiency is required and it become more like
management not an education. Maybe it is necessary to run a large company, but it is not my type.
I want to take good care of the freedom of making decision and carries things on by own choice
and the culture of bellFace CO.,LTD. To do this, I would like to use my knowledge from former job
about education management for new comers in the process of company growth.
——— What kind of people do you want to work with?
I want to work with a person who can control self and a person who can makes the company to
keep getting larger with good care of bellFace CO.,LTD.’s direction and value.
(This is the URL for bellFace CO.,LTD.’s value: )
bellFace CO.,LTD allows us to take things freely by your own responsibility that allows us a good
environment to work, but in other words, you need to work with full responsibility. It is called
“Ownership” in the bellFace CO.,LTD.’s value. Need to control myself and need to have ownership
to complete the mission in bellFace CO.,TLD.
If every one of the bellFace CO.,LTD. member can not accomplish this, the relationship of being
superior controlling subordinate will appears, and that is not what bellFace CO.,LTD. want. (Also it
is agains bellFace CO.,LTD.’s value)
We are welcoming those people who has being sick of the feeling of locked up often can be find in
large company, and those people who has hunger spirits to challenge their self.

Job Opportunities