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Job Opportunities

Creating the future of bellFace CO.,LTD. and the future of woman

Hello. I am Yuzo Nishijima, the manager of human resource department. This time, I have made
interview to Kazuha Komasa, the member of sales department. Let’s focus to her, making over 100
trades a month with clients at office and sometimes at her house.
Telling me the ambition that changing the style of sales by using bellFace.
Working for apparel business, then working as receptionist, finally found the place where I want to
——— I heard you were working in the field of apparel business. Is that true?
It is true. I entered apparel company after my graduation. I want to get a job related to apparel
business so that I was only looking for apparel company when I was job hunting.
After I graduated university, I entered an apparel company and I was working as saleswoman who
manages several shop at the same time. It is neither like shop manager nor area manager, it was a
wired job that managing the shop manager. It starts with managing the profit and the stocks, also
educating new stuff as well. It was like jack of all works, and I worked for 2 years.
I was in charge of mainly from Saitama pref. to Nagano pref. in Japan, and it sometimes cost me
more than 2 hours to move in one day, as well as making follow up in holidays, and I was spending
very irregular days that there are not any time to rest. As result, causing upsetting my health so
that I decided to change my job.
At this moment of changing job, I was thinking nothing about what I want to do but to select place
near my house and place where does not have overtime work, pays me enough to live. In other
words, I was looking for an easy job. The job I chose is receptionist for a company. But after a
while, I find this job does not provides me any of skill that when life stage changes, I would be
leaved behind. So I decide to change my job again.
Creating a new style of sales. Chasing the common sense with reliable way.
——— Working in apparel company, then receptionist, and bellFace CO.,LTD. Why did you choose
To be honest, it does not have to be bellFace CO.,LTD. (LOL). It is only I was looking for the
company around Shibuya, Tokyo, and pays me a lot. Want’s more, I applied my job not for sales
but for assistance of sales. I remember sales is too busy to work from my 1st company that it is not
the environment woman can work.
But what impressed me is the job interview. Usually, needs to take an appointment and need to
have interview in opponents office so that people who applies needs to chose either the late time
after leaving office or leaving earlier. For bellFace CO.,LTD. because of using “bellFace” that
allows me to take job interview while I am moving, and I am surprised with this.
It was too convenient of not ambulate around (LOL)
Resuming me getting a job at sales position because they found what I like to do: to make
communication with other people. I was wonder about the sales occupation due to former
experience, but I thought it would be easier if it is no necessity to visit.
——— How are you actually working?
I am using “bellFace” of course. The only things needed to use bellFace is a PC and a phone, no
need to visit anywhere and therefore there are no reason to move. I can do my job from anywhere I
I am mainly doing sales for inbound customers, and I am able to make business talk with more
than 100 times per month by myself. Yet, there are almost no overtime work and I can rest freely at

holidays. This number can not be achieved with field sales and I am making more than ten million
Providing an unchangeable career regardless the life stage. Creating the world where women can
be leading actress.
——— What is your future prospects?
Our mission is to change the Japanese culture of sales that does not changes almost 30 years by
technology. We believes it is the very first step of changing the culture and towards new style of
My dream is to change the way of sales by providing inside sales tools so that each one of woman
can work as they want. Field sales are hard mainly because of stamina issue, and many of women
changes their career at 20’s when the life stage can easily changed for them. The barrier for sales
can be easily declined by using online tools especially for the pregnant and for the mother who is
rearing child. I am working at my own house remotely half the week actually, and I truly think this is
the job can be worked for long time for those of people whose life stage can easily changed. I a
trying to provide a new way to work for all the women.

Job Opportunities